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Mars & Mercury Europe – Industrial and Commercial Circles of Officers and Reserve Officers – Inter-Nations Coordination Commission


In the aftermath of World War I, former officers and reserve officers wished to maintain frequent contacts, in Belgium and abroad, between men determined to apply the spirit of righteousness and mutual esteem in their business relationships. learned under arms. They wanted to make all their skills and business relationships available. Thus, in 1926, the first Mars & Mercury Circle was created in Belgium.

After World War II, Circles with the same ideology were created in France (1958) and Germany (1959). 1960, the German, Belgian and French Circles signed an agreement establishing the “Inter-Nations Liaison Commission Mars & Mercury” (CLIMM).


The purpose of this Commission was to promote the establishment of close cooperation bonds between the March & Mercury national Circles to study any issue, to identify ways to increase the effectiveness of their action and to contribute to develop the professional activity of their members at international level.


Other Circles were created later, in the Netherlands (1960), in Denmark and the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg (1975), circles that joined the CLIMM. In 1991, the CLIMM was renamed Mars & Mercury Europe, which intention is to act as an “Inter-Nations Coordination Commission”. Joined Mars & Mercury Europe Switzerland and Spain in 1999, and Poland in 2004.


Today, Mars & Mercury Europe incorporates the following national Circles :


Belgium Committee
France Committee
Germany Committee
Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg Committee
Poland Committee
Spain Committee
Switzerland Committee
The Netherlands Committee