Exchange of letters

Date Addressed to Content
07/03/2019National presidentsOperationality of the LinkedIn Group
25/06/2019National presidentsObjectifs of M&M Europe, Events of the national circles, LinkedIn Group, GA
26/07/2019Attaché de défense de la Lithuanie (Col Vidmantas Raklevicius)Extension of M&M Europe to Lithuania
21/10/2019National presidentsProcedure to accept candidates to the LinkedIn Group
27/10/2019National presidentsVision and mission statement M&M Europe
19/12/2019National presidentsLinkedIn Group, events of the national circles, purpose of M&M Europe
07/01/2020National presidentsVision and mission statement of M&M Europe
02/03/2020National presidentsGeographical distribution of the LinkedIn Group,, draft vision and mission statement
20/03/2020National presidentsReflections on the pandemic
11/04/2020National presidentsProposal to hold the GA 2020 in VTC mode
Draft vision statement of M&M Europe
30/04/2020National presidentsDecision to hold GA 2020 in VTC mode
04/06/2020National presidentsResults of the interview with Mr Alexandre de Wulf
26/07/2020National presidentsModalities of GA 2020
24/09/2020National presidentsTechnical VTC guide GA 2020
20/10/2020Defence Attache of Italy (ContrAm Giacinto Sciandra)Existence of M&M Italy Marte et Mercurio Torino
21/10/2020Defence Attache of Lithuania (Col Arturas Balynas)Extension of M&M Europe to Lithuania
22/10/2020ChoD Hon of Slovenia (MajGen Alojz Steiner)Extension of M&M Europe to Slovenia
23/10/2020Defence Attache of Norway (Col Stein Westlye) Johannessen)Contact with the Norwegian Reserve Officers Association
29/10/2020IR EMGFA Portugal (LtCol Sergio Giao)Extension of M&M Europe to Portugal
02/11/2020National presidentsVision statement and draft mission statement of M&M Europe
17/12/2020National presidentsReflections on the pandemic. LinkedIn Group, purpose of M&M Europe,
candidate "Strategy" M&M Europe
28/12/2020IR EMGFA Portugal (LtCol Sergio Giao)Extension of M&M Europe to Portugal
02/01/2021National presidentsProposal to limit the membership fee to the fixed part of it
12/01/2021Chairman of the Association of Veterans and Reserve Military of Lithuania (M Roberats Jurgelaitis)Contact to work towards a potential cooperation
13/01/2021Defence Attache of Estonia (Col Andres Helm Rosin)Extension of M&M Europe to Estonia
13/01/2021Defence Attache of Latvia (LtCol Rinalds Buls)Extension of M&M Europe to Latvia
14/01/2021ChoD Hon of Italy (Gen Enzo Camporini)Extension of M&M Europe
14/01/2021MilRep Hon of Italy (LtGen Giuseppe Cucchi)Extension of M&M Europe
16/01/2021National presidentsDecision to limit the membership fee to the fixed part of it
21/02/2021ChoD Hon of Portugal (Gen Luis Valença Pinto)Extension of M&M Europe
24/03/2021National presidentsMission statement , pictures of M&M Europe, GA 2021
27/03/2021Chairman of the Association Ex Allievi NunziatellaContact
29/04/2021National presidentsProposal of a mission statement, website M&M Europe, GA 2021
27/05/2021Defence Attache of ItalyPresentation of the statutes of M&M Europe to the association ASSOARMA
01/06/2021National presidentsGA 2021, project of establishment of an European list of activities
06/08/2021National PresidentsDraft mission statement, GA 2021
08/08/2021National PresidentsEuropean agenda of activities
11/08/2021National PresidentsEuropean agenda of activities
11/10/2021National PresidentsExpected outcome of the General Assembly
06/11/2021National PresidentsDecisions and expectations of the GA
24/01/2022National PresidentsMembership, website, statutes, GA 2023, cooperation ASERA
22/05/2022National PresidentsMembership, website, extension, GA 2023
25/08/2022National PresidentsExpected outcome of the GA 2022
05/10/2022National PresidentsExpected outcome of the GA 2022
30/11/2022National PresidentsOutcome of the GA 2022
04/12/2022President Circulo Ave FénixUtilisation des réseaux sociaux, LinkedIn