Circle Mars I Merkury of Poland



The first contacts were taken between the French Mars & Mercury Club of “Ile de France” and the Defence Attaché of the Polish Embassy of Paris and in NATO, contacts which quickly showed the interest of the Polish Ministry of Defence to collaborate in a program supporting to reinsert officers in free (non-state) companies and market economy.  The contacts continued in 1997 and especially in 1998, with a mandate of the Economic and Social Committee of the European Community.

Following 1999, the contacts slowed down, but a breakthrough occurred in 2002 and 2003 with bilateral visits which took place with the circle Mars & Mercury France.

In 2003, around 47 Polish officers were reinserted and the statutes of the circle Mars & Mercury Poland were drafted.

The circle Mars & Mercury Poland was created 26th of May, 2004, chaired by Col ret Tadeusz Koczkowski and gathering some 70 members. Their first meeting took place 11th December, 2004 with a Mars & Mercury Europe delegation composed of Mr Michel Courtin (Mars & Mercury Belgium), Mr Baux (General Vice-President of Mars & Mercury Europe) and Mr Marcet  (Mars & Mercury France).

The circle Mars & Mercury Poland was welcomed in the Mars & Mercury Europe community at their General Assembly, 23th September, 2005.


At the start, the essence of the Polish efforts lied in reinserting of retired officers and the cooperation with the then created 6 commissions, among them the “International Relations and Business Commission”. The main goal of the international cooperation was to enhance the cooperation of the Polish businessmen who operated in different business activities.

In May 2005, the circle organized a first congress in Bielsko-Biała which delt with the Protection of Classified and Business Information.

In 2007 and the following years, the circle Mars & Mercury Poland participated in the International Fair of Defence Industry in Kielce.


In 2016, the Board of Mars & Mercury Poland decided to put their activities temporarily on hold due to the political situation. At the time being, with the election of the new government in Poland in 2023, it tries to relaunch their activities and gathers some 80 members.