Circle Mars et Mercure of Switzerland



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The Swiss Circle Mars et Mercure was founded in August 1998. ‎

It brings together officers of the Swiss army who want to rediscover in their personal relations the traditions of honor, loyalty, probity and the bonds of camaraderie which they are imbued with by their status as ‎‎officers. ‎

The Circle’s activities are carried out in military, commercial, industrial, economic, cultural and social relations at the national and international ‎‎level. ‎

To achieve its goal, the Circle : ‎

  • organizes conferences ‎
  • ‎organizes international days where members of the Foreign Rings and Mercury are invited ‎
  • publishes a newsletter‎
  • animates a website ‎
  • edits a list of members ‎
  • makes available to its members the means to connect with all members of the European Mars and Mercury Circles. ‎