Coordination Commission

The Commission is composed of active and honorary members.


Active members are :


  • the national circles that founded Mars & Mercury Europe
  • any national circle whose government has ratified the European Convention on Human Rights and whose candidacy has been or is accepted by the General Assembly.


Are entitled to be elected as honorary member personalities, whether individual or legal entities, accepted as such by the General Assembly.


The Commission is administered by a Board composed of the following members :


  • the General President
  • the General Vice-President
  • the Secretary General
  • the General Treasurer
  • the Administrator responsible for Communications and Information Systems


The members are elected for a mandate of three years by the General Assembly. Their mandate may be renewed. The Secretary General and the General Treasurer shall be members of the Royal Circle Mars & Mercury Belgium.


The Presidency is rotational between national circles. A nation may however decline its tour of the Presidency.


The Vice-President General, after his or her mandate, shall in principle assume the function of General President. However, the nation holding the Presidency may depart from this principle by nominating a different candidate for the Presidency.

The nation holding the Presidency by next rotation shall nominate a candidate for the function of Vice-President General.